How progressive are progressive jackpots?

progressive jackpots

Remember when last you hit the jackpot? I bet that was a surreal moment no matter what you were playing at, life or online casinos. But in this context, let’s talk about jackpots in online casinos. Most times, jackpots refer to the main and maximum prize placed on a game in an online casino. So, all gamblers aim to get to the game’s peak and win the award.

However, there are two types of jackpots which include fixed and progressive jackpots. Progressive jackpots are the real eye candy for gamblers nowadays, and you can win a fortune worth of prizes. But it would be best to do this on trusted online casinos; you could use the PlayAmo casino or any other reputable sites. So, if you’ve never tried progressive jackpots, this is your chance. Read to find out all you need to know about it.

What are progressive jackpots?

What are progressive jackpots

Before we dive into what Progressive jackpots are, you should know the difference between progressive jackpots and non-progressive (fixed) jackpots. Fixed jackpots are just as they imply; for these types of jackpots, the prize is fixed and will always be the same every time you wish to play the game.

On the other hand, with progressive jackpots, the prize increases with every added input of a player. This means that once a player spins the reel for real money across a network, a percentage of that wager is added to the final win and increases the jackpot prize. So, the award continues to rise with every play and even where there’s no fixed prize, you stand a chance of winning a life-changing huge reward at the end of the day with minimum cost. 

Thus, the significant advantage of this jackpot is that the longer it takes for a win to occur, the more the prize climbs. Interesting, right? However, there are things you should note before playing. One of them is that you must check the wagering requirement. Some jackpot games have a minimum wagering limit to qualify for the grand prize, so confirming this before putting your money into it is essential. 

Types of games that have progressive jackpots

Types of games

As great as the progressive jackpot sounds, not all games have it, and if that’s what you’re gunning for, it’s essential to know where to go. First, the most common types of games with progress jackpots are slot machines. Although it’s easier to think that only new video slots with multiple pay lines have progressive jackpots, almost all slot machines do. And you can find that in any online casino.

Also, some video pokers and table games have progressive jackpots. However, progressive jackpots on video poker may have a worse pay table than non-progressive jackpots, so it’s better to weigh your options before playing. Meanwhile, some table games with progressive jackpots include roulette, let it ride and Caribbean stud poker. 

Generally, progressive jackpots pose a much bigger prize than standard jackpots, so it’s an excellent choice to go after it if you’re up. However, as life-changing as they can be, the odds of winning are relatively high. This doesn’t mean that it is impossible; it just has a low RTP (returns to players). On the other hand, it’s a good challenge and can serve as a game simply for leisure.

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