Another great slot machine trick is to focus on progressive jackpots. Despite low stakes, you have equal chances of winning the main prize here and can thus achieve really big winnings within seconds. It is precisely through such slot machine tricks that you can improve your gaming in the long term, if progressive slot machines do a good job.

It is important to observe the progressive jackpot machine for a little longer and to pay attention to how many people are playing and how long the jackpot has been growing. Of course, the jackpot can be hit at any time, but statistically the probability of winning is higher if the slot machine has not been hit for a long time. Slots Tricks advocates also insist that you should only choose progressive slots that have low stakes.


This has the clear advantage that you can play longer and still have the same chances of winning big as with some other slot machines that require significantly higher stakes. So – hit the progressive jackpots! What you should also pay attention to are the already mentioned response rates. One of the most important slot machine tricks is to look for slot machines or casinos whose odds are between 5 and 10 percent higher than comparable arcades. In fact, this is often the case with online casinos and thanks to the latest technology, great graphics and innovative live casinos or the like, you hardly have to do without the real gambling atmosphere in classic casinos when you switch to online casinos.

Your wallet will thank you! Another advantage of the online casino is the fact that you can also enjoy the game portfolio on the go with a mobile app for your smartphone. This means that you can play your favorite slot machine from anywhere, which of course automatically increases the chance of winning. Sounds logical right? So sometimes slot machine tricks are very easy to do but have a great effect.



One of the best slot machine tricks is also to get to know the machine in detail before you plunge into the highest stakes. Many players gamble straight away without familiarizing themselves with the rules and details of gaming. So if you start playing directly with higher stakes on a machine that is still unknown to you, then you can lose a lot of money. In order to test the machines, many casinos also offer a play money mode, with which you can avoid losing real money and can choose a favorite first.

And the most important slot machine trick: stop when it’s at its best. Don’t gamble away your valuable winnings because you think your winning streak is at its peak. Work with the stake and win limit mentioned above and just be satisfied, because your lucky streak can unfortunately end quite abruptly. Sure, there are no 100% safe slot machine tricks for winning, but one or the other statistical advantage can clearly promote your luck.

If you are interested in a new slot machine, you should first get to know it. Use the opportunity to explore the functions in training mode without spending any money. In addition, there are a lot of other slot machine tricks that will help you to get one or the other win a little more reliably.


A look at the paytable can also be very helpful. Some good online casinos have provided the game rules with a lot of useful information. Here you will also learn something about free spins, special symbols or bonus rounds. This information is clearly listed and makes it easier for you to get started.

The important thing is that you not only appreciate the benefits, but also engage with the special risk features. With these risk features, you can easily multiply your win, but you can also lose more money. The most well-known is the risk ladder of traditional slot machines. Here you can gradually increase your winnings, but you can also lose everything again. Therefore, when you play a new slot machine, you should be well aware of its features.



As mentioned before, most slot machines offer you the possibility to play without using real money. This is the best way for you to get to know the respective machine yourself. Many professional players have explored their favorite slots this way. While it’s not that much fun to play without real money and there’s nothing to win, the main thing you get is a lot of experience.

You can usually practice indefinitely on these slot machine tricks. A sufficient amount of free play money is available to you for this purpose. With some providers, you don’t even have to register for such a training mode. In order to lure players with real play money, some slot machine operators have created promotions and bonuses that are activated after the first real money deposit.


The aim of online casinos is to bind you as a customer to certain slot machine tricks. Many casinos therefore offer you attractive bonuses as a beginner. Slot machines in particular allow you to benefit from free spins, for example. You can also play much more often with a relatively small stake and have a higher chance of winning.

Bonus codes can be redeemed at some casinos, which can be found on websites dedicated to these slot machines. Of course, you shouldn’t miss out on the welcome bonus either. For example, you can get a 200% welcome bonus for a first deposit as a beginner. This becomes clear with an example. For example, you deposit EUR 10 into your player account and receive an additional EUR 20 as a bonus. In this respect, you can play with 30 euros.


In many online casinos you can now get free spins and so-called no-deposit bonuses. In this case, you will not only receive a certain number of free spins, but you can also have a certain sum deposited into your player account as a bonus. These popular free spins are primarily found on slot machines. In this respect, you should always make sure that the respective casino offers these offers.

In some cases, you will also receive a few free spins for normal deposits. Of course, the provider wants to bind you to his slot machines. In many cases, these free spins are not subject to applicable bonus wagering requirements. This means that you can have the winnings from free spins credited straight to your account. So keep an eye out for these gambling opportunities. Worth it.


The advantage of many slot machine tricks is that you can play them with relatively small stakes. Keep in mind that with some slot machines you can also win big with a small bet. Many beginners have hit the jackpot in this way, for example.

If you dare only small bets, you can play longer and more often. Of course, this also increases the chance that you can make a profit. Reference should therefore be made again to the previous chapters. When you play with small stakes, you can enjoy a slot machine for much longer. Thus, the entertainment value is increased.


No strategy or slot machine tricks are 100% safe. In fact, the machines cannot be manipulated. Only your own game strategy and good money management can help you to be successful here. Take advantage of bonuses and stop at the right moment. This is the only way you have a chance to enjoy the game for a long time!

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