What the betting odds say in sports betting

betting odds

On the one hand, the betting odds determine how high your potential profit will be if you get a tip right. But it also shows you how high the betting provider estimates the probability of winning your bet. A rate of 2.00 corresponds to a chance of winning of 50 percent planned by the betting provider. If the odds are higher, the bookmaker considers your tip to be more unrealistic and at the same time your profit increases. If the odds are smaller, he thinks your bet is more likely to be successful. Your potential profit is reduced in this case. You can find out here how you can be more successful in general.

You can use this formula to calculate the exact probability that your bet will be successful: 1 / betting odds x 100.

An example: Your tip has a rate of 3.25 percent. You would therefore win your bet with a probability of almost 31 percent (1 / 3.25 x 100 = 30.77 percent). Of course, this is only a forecast by the betting provider and does not necessarily have to correspond to your own assessment.

Sports betting: tips for the right strategy

As a general rule, you should not just bet on sporting events out of the blue. You can bet for your favorite club out of pure sympathy, but you don’t have the best chance of winning with it. In order to minimize the probability of your losses and maximize your profits, you should plan a strategy in advance. This could look like this.

Strategy by betting model

betting model

Each betting model requires its own strategy as there are different ways of functioning and odds of winning. You should bet differently on simple 2-way single bets than on very risky combination bets. The golden rule here is: the higher the risk of a bet, the smaller the stake should be. At the same time, you should spread your stake over several bets. In practice, single bets make the most sense for beginners due to their simplicity and low risk. But betting professionals also appreciate the advantages of single bets. The chances of winning are usually higher than with other betting models.

If you decide to place a system bet anyway, you should bet on safe games with a lower win rate. This increases the probability of successful combinations. On the other hand, you should completely refrain from risky combination bets.

Strategy by sport

Like the betting model, the sport itself is an important factor in your betting strategy. In soccer, placing a score bet is more likely to be successful than in basketball or tennis, for example. Live betting is also particularly popular in football. For example, you guess how many goals will be scored in the remaining time of the game. This can be particularly noticeable in tightly-fought return games in knockout duels. Still, live betting remains risky. In addition, you should only place bets on sports that you know well about and that you follow regularly.

Strategy by competition and teams

competition and teams

Every sports lover knows that individual leagues and tournaments have their own laws. In the DFB Cup, the underdog likes to prevail, the English Premiere League is faster and scores more goals than the German Bundesliga and world and European championships have completely different dynamics. Therefore, familiarize yourself with the characteristics of a competition and the respective teams before placing a bet.

Some teams or athletes are far more inconsistent in their performance than others. And some competitions have more variance in game results than others. For example, many tipsters do not bet on European or World Cup games, as there are more surprises here than in normal league games. Others may see this as their chance to make a big profit.

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